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SaaS application development services

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SaaS development consulting

Implementing a SaaS solution is a key step towards business digitalization in the US market. With a decade of experience in IT innovations, we’re adept at tailoring these solutions to the unique business environment and regulatory landscape of the United States.

technical consultation;
strategy development.
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SaaS app design & prototyping

Our SaaS app design and prototyping are specifically aimed at engaging US audiences. We craft prototypes that resonate with North American users, ensuring that the final product aligns with the expectations and preferences of your target market in the United States.

UI design and development;
rapid prototyping.
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SaaS application development

We can develop a SaaS product from scratch or re-architecture existing applications for SaaS environments.  By ensuring predictable delivery and trustworthy communication, we build complex work-ready products that fit your business. 

multi-tenant architecture development;
service-oriented architecture (SOA) development;
cloud computing deployments;
API development and integration.
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Support & Maintenance

When SaaS application development finishes, we ensure team continuity so that the same development team works on the new features and maintains the product. You will be able to scale and descale the SaaS development team according to your business plans and needs.

flexible team;
ongoing support & maintenance.
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SaaS application development for your industry

Having solid product development experience, SumatoSoft provides a wide range of SaaS development services for global Clients from various industries.

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Media & Entertainment

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Food Tech

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IoT Management

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Real Estate

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The system has produced a significant competitive advantage in the industry thanks to SumatoSoft’s well-thought opinions.

They shouldered the burden of constantly updating a project management tool with a high level of detail and were committed to producing the best possible solution.

Nectarin LLC aimed to develop a complex Ruby on Rails-based platform, which would be closely integrated with such systems as Google AdWords, Yandex Direct and Google Analytics.

I was impressed by SumatoSoft’s prices, especially for the project I wanted to do and in comparison to the quotes I received from a lot of other companies.

Also, their communication skills were great; it never felt like a long-distance project. It felt like SumatoSoft was working next door because their project manager was always keeping me updated. Initially.

We tried another company that one of our partners had used but they didn’t work out. I feel that SumatoSoft does a better investigation of what we’re asking for. They tell us how they plan to do a task and ask if that works for us. We chose them because their method worked with us.

SumatoSoft is great in every regard including costs, professionalism, transparency, and willingness to guide. I think they were great advisors early on when we weren’t ready with a fully fleshed idea that could go to market.

They know the business and startup scene as well globally.

SumatoSoft is the firm to work with if you want to keep up to high standards. The professional workflows they stick to result in exceptional quality.

Important, they help you think with the business logic of your application and they don’t blindly follow what you are saying. Which is super important. Overall, great skills, good communication, and happy with the results so far.

Together with the team, we have turned the MVP version of the service into a modern full-featured platform for online marketers. We are very satisfied with the work the SumatoSoft team has performed, and we would like to highlight the high level of technical expertise, coherence and efficiency of communication and flexibility in work.

We can say with confidence that SumatoSoft has realized all our ideas into practice.

We are absolutely convinced that cooperation between companies is only successful when based on effective teamwork (and Captain Obvious is on our side!). But the teams may vary on the degree of their cohesion.

They are very sharp and have a high-quality team. I expect quality from people, and they have the kind of team I can work with. They were upfront about everything that needed to be done.

I appreciated that the cost of the project turned out to be smaller than what we expected because they made some very good suggestions. They are very pleasant to work with.

The Rivalfox had the pleasure to work with SumatoSoft in building out core portions of our product, and the results really couldn’t have been better.

SumatoSoft provided us with engineering expertise, enthusiasm and great people that were focused on creating quality features quickly.

We’d like to thank SumatoSoft for the exceptional technical services provided for our business. It should be noted that we started our project’s development with another team, but the communication and the development process in general were not transparent and on schedule. It resulted in a low-quality final product.

SumatoSoft succeeded in building a more manageable solution that is much easier to maintain.

When looking for a strategic IT-partner for the development of a corporate ERP solution, we chose SumatoSoft. The company proved itself a reliable provider of IT services.

Thanks to SumatoSoft can-do attitude, amazing work ethic and willingness to tackle client’s problems as their own, they’ve become an integral part of our team. We’ve been truly impressed with their professionalism and performance and continue to work with a team on developing new applications.

We are completely satisfied with the results of our cooperation and will be happy to recommend SumatoSoft as a reliable and competent partner for development of web-based solutions

Rewards & Recognitions

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Benefits of SumatoSoft as SaaS development company

Build on

Proven workflows, Dedicated QA specialists

Lessons learned after 36000 hours of custom software development

Openness to share knowledge and experience with your team

Go faster with

Agile methodology

100% transparency

Dedicated Technical
PO / PM / BA

Stay in control

Clear and detailed estimates

Sprint / monthly reports, custom reports

Regular communication: calls, emails, chats, personal meetings

Our SaaS products development process

Discovery phase

Our business analysis team helps to analyze, define and write down the value proposition of your SaaS application and its functional core:

  • domain and competitors analysis;
  • detailed product vision;
  • requirements description & prioritization;
  • tech stack selection and advice;
  • exact project estimation;
  • release planning.
IA and UI/UX design

Сlean UI and UX is the shortest way to customers’ loyalty. From our experience, we know how users interact with SaaS applications and use the best practices to create efficient user flows:

  • research and analyze;
  • information architecture;
  • user experience design;
  • user interface design.
Architecture design and programming

When designing SaaS product architecture, SumatoSoft’s priority is to ensure high load and easy scalability of the system for the future. We make apps that seamlessly adapt to business growth and expansion:

  • single-tenancy and multi-tenancy architectures;
  • cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, etc.) deployment;
  • performance optimization;
  • data backups & migration;
  • service-oriented architecture (SOA) development;
  • API development and integration;
  • cloud computing deployments.
Testing and QA

We follow the comprehensive quality assurance (QA) approach in SaaS application development services that includes 

  • code reviews;
  • unit tests;
  • performance testing;
  • load testing;
  • security testing;
  • HIPAA/HITECH & GDPR tests.

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    Frequently asked questions

    What is SaaS? (What is SaaS application development?)

    The SaaS (Software as a Service) model allows users to access, use and pay for the software online without desktop installation, further maintenance, or integration issues. SaaS provides customers with ready-made software through a web browser or mobile application. SaaS application development services are the process of planning, developing and delivering a SaaS solution by professional software developers.

    How long does it take to build a SaaS product?

    SaaS product development usually takes from 2-3 to 10-12 months or longer. Mainly, it depends on the scale and scope of the product planned. SumatoSoft has provided SaaS application development services since 2012, so we can say that MVP may be planned, designed and developed within a 2-4 months time frame.

    How much does it cost to build a SaaS platform?

    SaaS software development cost usually starts at $30-40K for an MVP. More or less fully functional Software as a Service app costs $100-250K, depending on the scope of the service, the functionality, the developer choice, and the total cost of ownership. SaaS platforms have additional enhanced functions in planning, execution and development compared to, for example, some simple business automation or Ecommerce software.

    Is SaaS secure?

    SaaS developers are responsible for the security of code, network, and physical infrastructure security. However, developers are only partially responsible for protecting customer data or users’ access to it as they usually use world-known 3rd party cloud applications for data storage and processing (e.g. Amazon). Such services pay special attention to data security. Moreover, SaaS application development services providers must address this issue too on their side. 

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    2 Discuss it with our expert
    3 Get an estimation of a project
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    If you have any questions, email us [email protected]

      Please be informed that when you click the Send button Sumatosoft will process your personal data in accordance with our Privacy notice for the purpose of providing you with appropriate information. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.
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