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How does data analytics help in increasing effectiveness?

Data analytics works like a detective solving a puzzle. For instance, a hospital collects data on patient symptoms, treatment outcomes, and medication usage. Then, utilizing specialized software, the hospital analyzes this data to identify patterns, such as which treatments are most effective for a certain illness or what time of day sees the most emergency visits. This assists the hospital in making decisions, like prioritizing certain medical supplies or increasing staff during peak hours, to enhance patient care and health outcomes.

Numbers speak louder than words:

“In 2021, the global data analytics market was valued at USD 31.8 billion. It’s expected to reach a market size of USD 329.8 billion by 2030, expanding at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 29.9% from 2022 to 2030.” Report by Grand View Research, Inc.

5 real-world examples of Data Analytics usage everyone should know

Discover the most popular examples of Data Analytics in use

Example #1: Retail Sales Analysis

Retail companies analyze customer data to understand buying patterns, preferences, and trends. This helps in inventory management, targeted marketing, and enhancing customer experience. 

For instance, a supermarket might use data analysis to decide which products to stock more of and when to run promotional campaigns.

Retail Sales Analysis

Example #2: Healthcare and Medical Research

Data analysis in healthcare can involve analyzing patient records to improve treatment plans, manage hospital resources, or predict disease outbreaks.

In medical research, data analysis is used for drug discovery, understanding disease patterns, and epidemiological studies.

Healthcare and Medical Research

Example #3: Finance and Banking

Banks and financial institutions leverage data analysis for risk assessment, fraud detection, customer segmentation, and personalized financial advice. 

For example, credit card companies analyze transaction data to identify unusual patterns that may indicate fraud.

Finance and Banking

Example #4: Sports Analytics

Teams and coaches use data analysis to improve player performance, develop game strategies, and optimize training. By analyzing data like player stats, game tactics, and opponent strategies, teams can gain a competitive edge.

Sports Analytics

Example #5: Marketing and Customer Insights

Companies analyze customer data to optimize marketing campaigns, understand customer behavior, and improve product development. 

For example, an e-commerce platform might analyze browsing and purchase history to recommend products to customers, or a social media company might analyze user engagement data to tailor content feeds.

Marketing and Customer Insights

Numbers speak louder than words:

“Recent statistics indicate that every day, around the globe, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are produced. Furthermore, it’s currently estimated that the world holds more than 44 zetabytes of data.”  Acumen Research and Consulting

5 major types of data analytics trends for Your business

5 types of data analytics
5 types of data analytics

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7 key benefits of Data Analytics systems for Business, drawn from our experience

Explore the advantages of SumatoSoft’s custom data analytics solutions.

Improved decision-making icon

Improved decision-making

Data analytics software enables owners to make more informed decisions by providing real-time insights and accurate data analysis.
Enhanced efficiency icon

Enhanced efficiency

Automated data processing and analysis streamline operations, saving time and reducing manual effort.
Better customer insights icon

Better customer insights

Continuous access to customer data analytics helps in understanding customer preferences and behaviors, leading to improved customer service and targeted marketing strategies.
Increased revenue icon

Increased revenue

By identifying trends and opportunities through data, businesses can capitalize on them, potentially increasing their revenue.
Risk management icon

Risk management

Constant monitoring and analysis of data help in identifying potential risks and taking proactive measures to mitigate them.
Competitive advantage icon

Competitive advantage

Having real-time data analytics gives businesses an edge over competitors who may not have access to such immediate insights.
Personalization and innovation icon

Personalization and innovation

Continuous data analysis facilitates the personalization of services and products to meet customer needs and encourages innovation based on data-driven insights.

We develop custom data analytics solutions for any business challenges.

Get proof of our successfully completed projects in the profile.

Data analytics solutions that may enhance your enterprise

Custom data analytics solutions iconCustom data analytics solutions
Big data analytics iconBig Data Analytics Solutions
Real-time Data Analysis iconReal-Time Analytics Solutions
Cognitive Analytics Solutions iconCognitive Analytics Solutions
Time series analytics solutions iconTime series analytics solutions

Custom data analytics solutions

What will You get with custom data analytics solutions?

Tailored analytics capabilities that precisely fit your unique business requirements, data types, and specific analytical challenges. These solutions often provide a competitive edge by leveraging specialized algorithms, custom interfaces, and integrations with other business systems.


How can You use these solutions?

Use these solutions to address specific business challenges that standard analytics tools can’t solve. They can be customized for niche markets, complex data sets, or unique operational workflows. Businesses often turn to custom solutions when they need to integrate disparate data sources or when they require specialized reporting and analysis that general tools do not offer.

Custom data analytics solutions

Big Data Analytics Solutions

What will You get with Big Data Analytics Solutions?

The ability to process and analyze vast amounts of complex data, including unstructured data like text, images, and videos. These solutions often come with advanced data processing capabilities, such as predictive analytics, data mining, and machine learning.


How can You use these solutions?

Employ these solutions to gain insights from large datasets that are too cumbersome for traditional analytics tools. They are ideal for businesses that generate or collect large volumes of data, such as social media platforms, e-commerce sites, or IoT devices. Use them for market trend analysis, customer behavior analytics, or predictive maintenance.

Big Data Developer for Analytics Solutions

Real-Time Analytics Solutions

What will You get with Real-time analytics solutions?

The capability to analyze data as it is generated or received allows for immediate insights and decision-making. This is crucial for scenarios where data is constantly changing or needs to be acted upon quickly.


How can You use these solutions?

 Utilize these solutions in environments where timely decisions are critical, such as in financial trading, fraud detection, or dynamic pricing models. They are also valuable in monitoring systems or processes, like network performance or supply chain operations, where immediate response to changes or anomalies is essential.

Time series developer creating data analysis solutions

Cognitive Analytics Solutions

What will You get with cognitive analytics solutions?

Advanced analytics that mimics human thought processes, capable of handling and interpreting complex, unstructured data like natural language, images, and voice. These solutions leverage AI and machine learning for deep, contextual data analysis.


How can You use these solutions?

 Implement cognitive analytics for tasks that require an understanding of context, such as customer service bots, market research, and sentiment analysis. They are also useful in areas like healthcare for diagnostic assistance or in retail for personalized customer experiences.

Cognitive Analytics Solutions by developers

Time series analytics solutions

What will You get with time series analytics solutions?

The ability to analyze sequences of data points collected over time. This includes identifying trends, forecasting future events, and detecting seasonal variations or anomalies.


How can You use these solutions?

Use time series analytics in financial market analysis, weather forecasting, or inventory management. They are particularly valuable for businesses that need to predict future trends based on historical data, such as in stock market trading or in planning production schedules.

Analytics Solutions

The professional community values our approach

SumatoSoft has been recognized by the leading analytics agencies from all over the world. We deliver value, not just software.
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Our Clients talk about us.

The system has produced a significant competitive advantage in the industry thanks to SumatoSoft’s well-thought opinions.

They shouldered the burden of constantly updating a project management tool with a high level of detail and were committed to producing the best possible solution.

I was impressed by SumatoSoft’s prices, especially for the project I wanted to do and in comparison to the quotes I received from a lot of other companies.

Also, their communication skills were great; it never felt like a long-distance project. It felt like SumatoSoft was working next door because their project manager was always keeping me updated. Initially.

We tried another company that one of our partners had used but they didn’t work out. I feel that SumatoSoft does a better investigation of what we’re asking for. They tell us how they plan to do a task and ask if that works for us. We chose them because their method worked with us.

The Rivalfox had the pleasure to work with SumatoSoft in building out core portions of our product, and the results really couldn’t have been better.

SumatoSoft provided us with engineering expertise, enthusiasm and great people that were focused on creating quality features quickly.

SumatoSoft is great in every regard including costs, professionalism, transparency, and willingness to guide. I think they were great advisors early on when we weren’t ready with a fully fleshed idea that could go to market.

They know the business and startup scene as well globally.

SumatoSoft is the firm to work with if you want to keep up to high standards. The professional workflows they stick to result in exceptional quality.

Important, they help you think with the business logic of your application and they don’t blindly follow what you are saying. Which is super important. Overall, great skills, good communication, and happy with the results so far.

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    Questions You may have

    Is it hard to create a Custom Data Analytics System?

    Creating a custom data analytics system can be complex, requiring expertise in data processing, analytics algorithms, and user interface design. It involves skilled developers, data scientists, and a well-planned strategy. We have 10+ years of experience and will guide you through the process. Book a call.

    Should we build our own Data Analytics System?

    Deciding to build your data analytics system depends on your unique needs, available resources, and technical capabilities. Consider factors such as complexity, time investment, cost, and the need for specific custom features before making a decision. Our seasoned developers can help you make these decisions. Book a free consultation

    What do you need to build a Custom Data Analytics System?

    To build a custom data analytics system, you’ll need a team consisting of data scientists, software developers, UI/UX designers, and database experts. Additionally, access to robust computing infrastructure, a comprehensive project roadmap, and resources for ongoing maintenance and updates are essential. We have 10+ years of experience and can support you on this journey.

    Does Data Analytics have a future?

    The global data analytics market is expected to grow from USD 31.8 billion in 2022 to USD 329.8 billion by 2030, at a CAGR of 29.9%. Stay at the forefront of innovation with us. Start estimating your idea today

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