Application development
a service provider is responsible for developing new or enhancing existing applications (web, mobile, etc)
Application maintenance & support
a service provider takes over ongoing maintenance of existing applications
Data center operations
a service provider helps to operate the data center (alone or with the help of inhouse team)
Database administration
a service provider monitors and tunes databases (can be done at the physical or logical levels)
Desktop support
a service provider is responsible for installation, maintenance, or support of PCs
Disaster recovery
a service provider is responsible for off-site data storage, recovery data centers, or redundant systems or networks used in the event of a disaster
Help desk outsourcing
a service provider deals with any type of phone or electronic response to end-user incidents
IT security
a service provider performs security-related functions (security assessments, penetration testing, managed security services, etc)
Network operations
a service provider is responsible for data network operations and monitoring
Web hosting and operations
a service provider hosts, operates, or maintains a corporate website / application/ ecommerce platform