Widgety: content library for tourism, cruise and travel

Widgety is a huge content library that lets customers manage the content and integrate the application into any website with no more than a couple of clicks.

Business сhallenge

The Client wanted to gather data on various cruises, cruising ships, and tourist events in one place. These data had to be delivered via an API. It was needed to integrate and upgrade a special widget constructor which allowed travel vendors to submit the info on cruises using a widget – a crucial feature for those who would like to integrate their website with Widgety service instead of building a custom one.

We needed to optimize the solution performance making it stable for use and implement new core features to extend the solution’s functionality.

Our solution

Following the Kanban methodology, we optimized and upgraded the solution performance making it stable for use.

Distinctive features: 

  • Widget constructor allowing vendors to submit the info on cruises in no time via the widget.
  • REST API which allows developers to use the data taken from Widgety on third party websites.
  • Performance optimization.
  • Additional data sources integration taken from third-party websites.
widjety first screen


As a result of our work, the Client was able to expand the feature list of the application. The implementation of the widget constructor helped to attract new vendors and provide more options for customers. Our custom solution made possible to increase the flexibility of the system which can be easily upgraded according to the future business requirements.

widgety devices
widgety devices

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