Custom Logistics Management System Development

TL Nika is a comprehensive solution for companies operating in the logistics industry, covering all the major aspects of transport and cargo management.

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Project details:



About the Client:

The Client, a Lithuanian company Sturvalas, specializing in transportation and cargo management, requested help from SumatoSoft to replace their outdated software system with a modern solution, built with the latest technologies and featuring modern design.

  • Client: – Sturvalas LTD
  • Location: – Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Industry: – Logistics
  • Team size: – 5 (3 ROR Developers, 1 Senior Developer/Team Lead, 1 Part-time Scrum Master)
  • Project duration: – 18 months

Business сhallenge

The Client requested help from SumatoSoft to replace their outdated software system with a modern solution, built with the latest technologies and featuring modern design. The legacy application was in dire need of redevelopment and functionality upgrades to safeguard the Client’s premium positions on the market.

Additional requirements:

  • redevelopment of the legacy application;
  • functionality upgrade;
  • integration of modern technologies and design.

Our solution

With a strong emphasis on meeting the Client’s requirements, SumatoSoft built a completely new system from scratch. The use of state-of-the-art technology and refined software architecture provides higher scalability and enables smooth further enhancements. The newly redesigned product features a top-notch UI design, while the enhanced and extended functionality set offers a much wider range of cargo tracking and customer management tools.

Custom CRM system

The system is a custom CRM that features complex logic and extended functionality, providing an administrative interface with agile tools for permissions management, including users, entities, classifiers management, and more. The Client portal includes Kanban-like dashboards for monitoring cargo status updates in real-time.

Powerful system for logistics

Additional features:

  • quotes management, tracking of shipping requests, cost calculation;
  • orders management, real-time cargo tracking from dispatch to warehouse delivery;
  • accounting module;
  • waybill print module.
Logistics dashboard

Business value


  • An outdated software system, lacking modern design and technology, leading to an inability to maintain a strong market position.
  • Inefficiencies and high operational costs due to the use of an outdated system.
  • Limited cargo tracking capabilities, presenting challenges in managing cargo routes effectively.


  • Introduction of a new platform with state-of-the-art technology, offering scalability, enhanced UI design, and extended functionality for cargo tracking and customer management.
  • Improved operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness, thanks to the modern, comprehensive management system.
  • Real-time freight data tracking capabilities, enabling optimal decision-making and overcoming challenges along cargo routes.

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