Tartle – big data trading platform

Tartle is a comprehensive web and mobile platform for trading big data, designed for people and organizations that prefer to stay anonymous. This blockchain-based solution enables companies and individuals to buy and sell big data sets securely through a private digital identity, without any intermediates, and pay with Bitcoin.

Tartle: Dashboard page

Project details:



About the Client:

The Client is a startup that decided to create a blockchain-based platform for trading big data, focusing on anonymity and security. Their vision was to establish a decentralized marketplace where individuals and organizations could engage in buying and selling big data sets without the need for intermediaries, ensuring transactions are secure and private.

  • Location: USA
  • Industry: Big Data Marketplace
  • Team size: 4 (1 Designer, 2 Software Developers, 1 Project Manager/Business Analyst, 1 QA Engineer)
  • Project duration: 5 months, ongoing

Business сhallenge

The Client turned to SumatoSoft and requested to create a marketplace for people and organizations with a blockchain-based identity for selling and buying big data without any third-party involvement.

Our solution

With a strong emphasis on meeting the Client’s business needs, requirements, and objectives, SumatoSoft built a unique product that consists of a web platform and iOS mobile application. Users are able to remain anonymous, protect their privacy, encrypt and categorize information, and based on bids select the best price to sell and buy data.

Bitcoin wallet integration

Wallet module allows users to make and receive payments securely on the platform using Bitcoin wallets, which are stored on a secure server and backed by a full bitcoin node. This integration not only facilitates seamless transactions but also reinforces the platform’s commitment to security and anonymity.

Platform for trading big data

Additional features:

  • web platform for big data buyers with an interactive Bidding Module and relevant data packets statistics;
  • iOS application equipped with Data Management and Sales Module for big data providers;
  • administrative interface including user and entity management, bids statistics, and users suggestions management.
Private financial transactions in big data trading

Business value


  1. Lack of a secure and anonymous platform for trading big data.
  2. Dependence on intermediaries for buying and selling big data.
  3. Limited options for secure and private financial transactions in big data trading.


  1. Availability of a decentralized platform (Tartle) specifically designed for secure and anonymous big data trading.
  2. Direct interactions between buyers and sellers of big data without third-party involvement.
  3. Introduction of Bitcoin wallets for secure and private transactions, enhancing trust and convenience in the marketplace.

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