Mobile application for 24/7 blood glucose monitoring: transforming diabetes management

The application offers an intuitive user interface, real-time alerts, and in-depth data visualization, turning the Client’s sensor technology into a market-ready, user-friendly product.

Business сhallenge

Our Client is a North American healthcare technology firm that specializes in manufacturing sensors for blood glucose monitoring targeted at individual consumers. The sensor is an innovative device which is different from the usual glucometers. It is embedded under the skin into the patient’s arm and continuously monitors the blood glucose level. Recognizing the necessity of a user-friendly mobile application to make their sensor product truly market-ready, they sought our expertise in IoT to bridge this critical gap.




The Client aimed to make their sensors market-ready by pairing them with a user-friendly mobile application for real-time blood glucose monitoring. SumatoSoft faced the challenge of developing an app that could accurately handle real-time data while also complying with healthcare data privacy standards.

Our solution

During the initial stage of the project we dove deep into a comprehensive requirements analysis, engaging not just with the technical specifications of the Client’s existing sensor technology, but also with the real-world needs and behaviors of the intended end-users. This dual focus ensured that the eventual application would serve as a bridge between the sophisticated sensor technology and the end- consumers, making the technology both accessible and actionable for everyday consumers. The application connects to the sensor via Bluetooth and gathers data about blood sugar level in real-time.

Healthcare app
Healthcare app

App features:



  • User interface and experience – focused design efforts on creating an intuitive, easy-to-navigate user interface. The user-centric approach aimed to foster consistent usage and easier access to the app’s key features.
  • Real-time monitoring and data visualization – we established a 24/7 real-time monitoring system that continuously receives sensor data and displays it in the app through detailed charts and tables. These visual elements provide a comprehensive view of blood glucose fluctuations over varying time frames – hourly, daily, monthly, and yearly – enabling users to make quick, informed decisions based on clear historical trends.
  • Cross-platform availability – developed the app to be compatible and fully operational on both Android and iOS, widening its potential user base.
Healthcare app
  • Alert mechanisms – automated notifications were set up to activate when blood glucose levels hit predetermined high or low markers. This feature is crucial for timely insulin administration, thus serving as a direct health benefit to users.
  • HIPAA compliance and data security – carried out stringent security and functional testing in compliance with HIPAA guidelines, ensuring that all user data would be encrypted and securely stored.
  • Onboarding and support  – added an introductory onboarding tutorial and an FAQ section. These components serve as immediate resources for new users, helping to answer common questions and resolve typical issues without customer service intervention.
Healthcare app

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