A platform for vital farm animals signs monitoring

The Client develops a technology incorporated in a matchbox-sized wearable device allowing precise measurement of medically relevant vital data of farm animals.

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Project details:



About the Client:

The Client is a MedTech company that developed innovative technology for animal healthcare, focusing on a wearable device that offers precise measurement of vital data in animals.

  • Location: Switzerland.
  • Industry: MedTech, Medicine, Veterinary.
  • Team size: Up to 18 team members 
  • Project duration: 3+ years

Business сhallenge

The Client aims to help veterinarians and farmers easily get an overview of an animal’s ECG, respiratory, pulse, and other supporting data for diagnoses. They developed a wearable device for this purpose. The greatest value of the device is that it replaces various medical devices, which sometimes need to be connected to farm animals, even with surgical involvement. 

Unlike these devices, the Client’s device is small, binds to farm animals on a special bandage, and doesn’t prevent it from everyday activities. The Client addressed SumatoSoft to help with building a web-based IoT platform for data visualization and analytics.

Additional requirements: 

  • meet the investor expectations in the user interface;
  • meet strict deadlines.

Our solution

Together with the Client’s experts, we are developing an Internet of Things platform for data gathering, visualization, analytics, diagnosis, and calculation. These data are recorded in a raw format from the sensors and are sent over to the web as Mqtt-Messages. We have implemented a web-based application with functionalities including an Admin Panel for managing company accounts, users, statistics, products, invoices, base stations, devices, and notifications and a Users Area for account management, patient management, and data visualization.

Advanced admin panel

The most complex and valuable part of the application is the implementation of the Admin Panel. This panel allows comprehensive management of company accounts, user roles, device statistics, products, invoicing, base stations, and data handling. It’s a pivotal element in streamlining operations and ensuring efficient data management and user interaction within the platform.

Pet care app homepage

Additional features:

  • real-time data visualization via interactive charts and data analytics;
  • notification and alarm management;
  • comprehensive user and farm animal management;
  • base stations and devices management and monitoring;
  • IoT data export;
  • statistics overview with a broad summary of data metrics;
  • integration with an invoicing system.
A heart rate graph

Business value


  • Veterinarians and farmers faced challenges in efficiently monitoring vital signs in animals, often requiring multiple devices or invasive methods.
  • Data visualization and analytics were not centralized, leading to inefficiencies in diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • Veterinarians had to use separate platforms for clinic and farm management.


  • The Client’s device together with our software simplifies the monitoring process, allowing non-invasive, single-device monitoring of various vital signs, enhancing animal comfort and diagnostic efficiency.
  • One IoT platform with a comprehensive data overview and analytics for quicker, more accurate diagnoses.
  • A unified system for managing veterinary clinics and farms, improving operational efficiency and user experience.

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