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MyMediAds is a web platform for finding online marketing partners.

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Business сhallenge

When addressing SumatoSoft, the Client had an MVP version of the service for online marketers developed using PHP (WordPress), however it was outdated and didn’t show good performance and provide scalability. Moreover, the service didn’t meet the modern standards of usability and speed of work.

The main project challenges were:

  • To ensure a very high speed of web service work.
  • To ensure stable work of the service at high load.
  • to make the service design user-friendly, attractive, simple and adaptive.
  • To make the application easily scalable and maintainable.
  • To add extra functionality to the service.
  • To implement additional ways of monetization.

Our solution

We developed the service with Ruby on Rails making the application easily scalable for future changes.


Extended functionality includes:

  • new types of advertisements;
  • companies profiles;
  • new monetization system via accounts upgrades;
  • flexible administration system;
  • easily manageable notification system;
  • social functionality (comments, reviews, sharing, etc);
  • integration and customization of the Tranzilla payment system;
  • integration with SES mailing system.
Mymediads features

Tech solutions applied

  • changed database structure;
  • used PG Search for full text search what allowed us to safe RAM on the server and ensure faster work of the service;
  • implemented push notification system;
  • integrated email service for email notifications.
Mymediads development


The service received new modern and user-friendly design and user interface. The new application is easily scalable and maintainable. Users’ satisfaction rate Increased. The Client’s company developed new ways of service monetization.


The application is released. The Client is planning further functionality development.

Mymediads main page
Mymediads features

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