HRM System Development

The development of an HRM system for a US startup to expand the collection of SaaS products the startup offers.

Custom AI-Powered HRM System: Home Page Screenshot

Project details:

About the Client:

The Client is a fast-developing US startup with successful experience in developing and retailing several SaaS systems. They decided to expand their SaaS collection with an HRM system.

  • Location: USA, Boston
  • Industry: Telecom
  • Team size: 5 specialists (3 ROR Developers, 1 Senior Developer/Team Lead, 1 Part-time Scrum Master)
  • Project duration: 18 months

Business сhallenge

The Client, an experienced startup in the US market, has successfully introduced and retailed several SaaS systems. They gathered a team of business analysts and a designer to plan and design the future HRM system but were in need of a professional development team.

Our solution

The development process, grounded in Scrum methodology, was segmented into 2-month releases and 2-week sprints. The HRM system was developed using Ruby on Rails 4.0, with a rich user interface crafted through AngularJS. Optimized for mobile platforms, the solution was deployed on the Heroku cloud system, ensuring scalability in response to varying loads.

System features

The HRM system developed is characterized by its integration with social networks and the inclusion of gamification elements, enhancing user interaction and engagement. A key feature is the scalable employee profiles, which cater to businesses of varying sizes.

Employee engagement dashboard

Business value


  • The Client was unable to enter the HRM market due to a lack of relevant offerings.
  • Lack of HRM solutions with interactive elements in the market.
  • Existing HRM solutions lacked customizable employee profiles, limiting user adaptability and functionality.


  • The launch of an HRM system enabled the Client to successfully enter the HRM market.
  • Introduction of a modern HRM solution featuring social network integration and gamification, significantly boosting user engagement and interaction.
  • The new HRM system’s scalable employee profiles enhanced adaptability and functionality, catering to diverse business needs.

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