The Integration of the Internet of Things into the mobile application  

The integration of a smart lightbulb into the Heart Rate Variability tracking application.

Project details:



About the Client:

The Institute is a prominent research organization based in the USA, dedicated to studying and improving cognitive performance and well-being through the analysis of coherent Heart Rate Variability (HRV) patterns. They have developed a sophisticated HRV measurement device and a corresponding application that allows users to track their HRV patterns and coherence scores. They referred to SumatoSoft because of our great expertise in the Internet of Things development to enhance the application.


  • Location: USA
  • Industry: Health
  • Team size: 5 specialists (1 iOS dev, 1 Android dev, 1 BA, 1 QA, 1 PM)
  • Project duration: 6 months

Business сhallenge

When the Institute approached us, they brought a broad scope of proposed enhancements to the table. We needed to thoroughly assess and understand their wide-ranging requests and, second, identify the most promising features that would bring substantial improvements to their application.

Our solution

Having assessed the Client’s broad range of requests, our team identified the most promising feature for enhancement – the integration of smart lightbulbs, readily available on Amazon. The idea behind this feature was to introduce a visual and immersive dimension to the application, enhancing the user experience. The lightbulbs were designed to change their color in real-time, reflecting the proximity of the user’s coherence score to the ideal state. This way, users could instantly gauge their progress and achieve an improved understanding of their coherence status through a simple, yet intuitive visual representation.

Technical implementation and API integration

Our team focused on developing the backend of the application and integrating the smart lightbulbs through a comprehensive API. The Client contributed by providing the design layouts for the new functionality, enabling us to concentrate on the technical aspects of implementation.

Additional features:

  • light activity control;
  • brightness settings;
  • multiple lightbulb management;
  • broad spectrum of color coding;
  • the light color updates once a 5 seconds;
  • instantaneous transition between score levels.

Business value


  • Users only had numerical data to track their Heart Rate Variability (HRV), making it challenging to intuitively understand and engage with their coherence scores.
  • The application’s interaction was limited to data presentation, lacking dynamic or visual elements to enhance user experience.


  • Introduction of real-time color-changing smart lightbulbs provides an immersive and visual representation of HRV scores, making the data more accessible and engaging for users.
  • Enhanced application functionalities, including light activity control and brightness settings, foster a more interactive and personalized user experience, increasing user satisfaction and engagement.

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