Fridge sensors — internet of things application development

The core of the project is an IoT solution providing HoReCa venues with a possibility to monitor the work of industrial (commercial) refrigerators online, get instant alerts on urgent issues and manage historical data.

Fridge Sensors: Whitbread Sensors

Project details:



About the Client:

By the time the Client turned to SumatoSoft for software development assistance and guidance they had already developed and tested the required devices. They required an MVP to prove the feasibility to potential investors and an effective solution to future Clients.

  • Location: London, UK
  • Industry: Technological solutions / Food service
  • Team size: 3 specialists (1 Project Manager, 2 Senior RoR Developer)
  • Project duration: 12 weeks

Business сhallenge

The objectives of the project set for SumatoSoft team by the Client were the following:

  • to plan, design and develop an MVP (minimum viable product) version of the solution;
  • to prove the feasibility of the project to potential investors and demonstrate an effective solution to future Clients;
  • to integrate the new application into the ecosystem of the Client’s existing solutions.

Additional requirements:

  • develop administrative and end-user panels;
  • implement features for monitoring, visualization of data; database management;
  • provide integration with the data source;
  • introduce AI & ML algorithms for anomaly detection.

Our solution

SumatoSoft developed an application equipped with the technological features needed for initial commercial use and gathering user feedback. The MVP version of the application provided a tool for data gathering and systematization along with a web panel for service administration and sensors setup and another for end-user interaction. Key integrations and functionalities included robust integration with Firebase as an external data source, extensive data visualization using a JS library, a custom system for roles administration offering extended permissions management, and machine learning capabilities for enhanced data analysis.

Custom administration system

The administration system features an intricate roles setup with granular permissions, allowing for detailed management and control over the IoT monitoring system and its users.

Historical data of the application

Additional features:

  • real-time monitoring of refrigerators;
  • anomaly detection with instant alerts;
  • maintenance notifications;
  • interactive dashboards for historical data analysis.
Dashboard of intelligent data platform

Business value


  • Lack of a central system for monitoring the health and performance of commercial refrigerators.
  • No preventive maintenance implemented.
  • No product to present to investors and future Clients.
  • Standalone device without integration options with third-party systems.


  • Implementation of an IoT monitoring system that provides centralized oversight of commercial refrigerator operations.
  • Real-time data acquisition capabilities enable proactive maintenance scheduling and instant emergency alerts.
  • Development of an MVP that successfully demonstrated project feasibility to investors and potential Clients.
  • Seamless integration of the new application and the device with the Client’s existing suite of solutions.

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