Clinical trial matching platform for enhanced patient recruitment

The transformative platform streamlining clinical trial recruitment with an AI-powered patient matching system. A mobile app and a sponsor dashboard, personalized trial recommendations, integration, HIPAA compliance.

Clinical trial dashboard

Project details:



About the Client:


Industry: Healthcare 

Team size: 16 specialists 

Project duration: 6+ month


Business сhallenge

The primary challenge for the Client was to simplify the process of matching patients with suitable clinical trials. The existing American clinical trial registry is extensive but not user-friendly, making it difficult for patients to find relevant trials without in-depth cancer knowledge.
Our goal was to create a system where patients could easily find trials suited to their specific needs.


Additional requirements:

the trial selection must consider factors like location to accommodate travel limitations;
adherence to HIPAA compliance for data security and privacy;
tough 3-month deadlines.

Our solution

SumatoSoft developed a comprehensive solution for the Client, encompassing an integrated platform that links with the database. This platform features a dual-component system: a web dashboard for sponsors to manage clinical trials and patient engagement, and a mobile application for patients, facilitating the search for suitable clinical trials. The platform’s design included a machine-learning matching mechanism, enabling personalized trial recommendations based on individual health conditions and preferences. The entire development process was completed within a stringent 3-month timeframe, focusing on the MVP functionalities critical for the platform’s success.

Machine learning matching mechanism

It’s the most innovative aspect of the application. It leverages advanced AI algorithms to match patients with clinical trials based on their health conditions and preferences. The system dynamically updates trial suggestions, reflecting new trial availability and changes in patient health information, thus significantly enhancing the trial matching process.

Clinical trial dashboard showing enrollment funnel

Additional features:

  • integrated clinical trial database for access to a wide range of trials;
  • web dashboard for sponsors and mobile application for patients;
  • trial management capabilities for activating/deactivating trials;
  • two-factor authentication (2FA) for enhanced security;
  • HIPAA compliance ensuring data security and privacy;
  • geographic filtering in trial selection.
Mobile app for clinical trials

Business value


  • Clinicians manually screened patients for clinical trials, a process requiring extensive knowledge and time.
  • Patients had difficulty finding relevant trials due to a complex and non-user-friendly trial registry.
  • Trial management for sponsors was cumbersome, lacking efficient patient engagement and oversight tools.
  • The patients with travel limitations enrolled for trials in far locations and weren’t able to visit it or had difficulties doing so.


  • An AI-based patient recruitment, reducing clinicians’ workload and speeding up the eligibility determination process.
  • A web survey with an AI-powered matching mechanism that offers the most suitable trials to the patient.
  • Sponsors gained access to a comprehensive web dashboard for patient engagement and trial management.
  • Geographic filtering in trial selection made it easier for patients to find trials within reasonable travel distances.
  • The platform’s design ensured robust data security and strict HIPAA compliance.

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