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Free Exclusive Project Scoping & Prioritization Workshop for Your Company or Startup

You will work with experts in software development and learn how to plan & improve your software product.

Spend just 2 hours with our professional business analysts and create an impact map that will help you:
  • Align on business objectives
  • Build development roadmaps
  • Clearly communicate with your teammates

What is Impact Mapping?

Impact mapping is a collaborative graphical technique that allows teams to clearly define the scope of a project and build necessary technical and business hypotheses. Impact mapping technique helps to coordinate the team work even at the stage of strategic planning, synchronizing it with the global business goals.

Impact maps show what impact a particular function will have on the success of a project by answering the questions 'Why?', 'Who?', 'How?', 'So what?'

As a result you have effective software products, happy users and increased customer loyalty.

impact mapping

Workshop Benefits

  • 01
    Performed by experts
    The impact mapping workshop is performed by experts in software development who have been planning, designing and developing custom software products for at least 5 years.
  • 02
    Any business idea can be successful only if people believe in it. This is making market offerings and services people-centered is a key priority for any business.
  • 03
    Build a competitive product
    We will show you the ways of finding your competitive advantage and building a software product that will rock the market.
  • 04
    We developed our custom framework of how to perform this session within 1-2 hours only.
  • 05
    This workshop will be completely free of charge. We do it as we want only valuable solutions to be built.

When You Should Take the Workshop?

  • If you have a project that will last more than 3 months

  • If you have a product that you’d like to improve

  • If you have a startup idea and want to validate it

  • If you want to work out a startup idea in detail in order to raise investments


Outcomes of One on One Workshop

  • You will define the core of your business idea

  • You will define difficulties and challenges users can face

  • You will find effective ways to improve the user experience

  • You will understand the scope of work

  • You will get accurate estimations

  • You will build a clear timeline

How to Attend Impact Mapping Workshop

Business AnalysisBusiness Analysis

1. Contact us

  • Personal and corporate details
  • Short description of your product

2. We will check if your idea will benefit from impact mapping session

  • Sign an NDA to save you idea
  • Discuss your idea and challenge with our manager

3. Attend one on one workshop

  • General introduction
  • Impact Mapping workshop
  • Q&A session about software development
Testing and Quality AssuranceTesting and Quality Assurance

4. We will produce results for you

  • Nice looking impact map with several general user flows
  • New people-centered perspective to your business idea/problem
  • Filled gaps in implementation logic
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