Top 20 Websites Built on Ruby on Rails

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Released as open-source in July 2004, Ruby on Rails (or, as commonly abbreviated, RoR) has become one of the most effective frameworks for building great custom apps. Being both flexible and powerful, it’s getting even more popular among developers, no matter if they are just rookies or experienced professionals in websites built with ruby. Besides its great features and elegant code, RoR is famous for its large community ready to share their experience or help with various questions. Its latest version – Rails  – has been released just recently in February 2022. Keeping all these insights in mind, it’s no wonder that many reputable companies or service providers have decided to build their websites on Ruby. Professional tools, traveling, music, eCommerce applications –you name it. Here’s the list of top 20 world-known ruby on rails website examples you should know (and use too).

Shopify logo

As a first awesome ruby on rails website example we want to mention an eCommerce company from Ottawa, Canada, Shopify develops software for online stores. Shopify is one of the brightest examples of a successful company where Ruby on Rails is used as main technology. Ruby on Rails allowed them to scale the project without any problems and now Shopify holds the first position among current eCommerce platforms powering over 300.000 stores according to G2 Crowd’s (the leading eCommerce review platform) recent research.

If you’re familiar with the world of online merchants, you definitely know the name. And if you’re not, these are some facts for you to consider. And more importantly, it’s gaining more even popularity now as this platform is considered to be the easiest tool to start your online business (and has lots of other advantages as well). In case you are not confident with the platform, hiring a Shopify web developer will help you make it easier. And, finally, even if it’s not on the list yet, there’s one more thing to pay your attention to – Spree Commerce. It is a free open-source platform founded by ex-members of the Shopify team, a great tool we recommend and currently use for developing eCommerce projects. We have one more very famous ruby on rails website example! 

Airbnb logo

They say, traveling is life and it’s hard to disagree. Airbnb is a favored online marketplace and homestay network making it possible for people to offer or rent short-term lodging with the cost of stay defined by the property owner. If you’re not into big names like Hilton or Ritz and you want to save some money – this service is worth your attention. As claimed by the official website, Airbnb has over 7M listings in 100K cities and 220 countries. The numbers speak for themselves, so if you like to discover new places, try out Airbnb and see for yourself that it’s one of the greatest ruby on rails website examples!

Ruby on Rails helped Airbnb manage a huge amount of transactions and their large-scale payment systems are built with Rails. 

Kickstarter logo

It is one of the great ruby on rails website examples. Kickstarter is a crowdfunding project with a mission in bringing creative projects, mostly in the field of arts and technology, to life. This way, project owners come up with their idea, and choose a deadline and a minimum funding goal to fulfill their dream. If the project seems to be interesting, they collect money from the public to record albums, shoot movies, make video games or just have… fun. If the goal is not met by the deadline, no money is collected. But what it has to do with Ruby on Rails? Kickstarter, obviously! Kickstarter is the global leading crowdfunding platform with really intriguing stats to share. Currently, the platform is available for creators from 22 countries (the US, the UK, and Canada are on the list), but you can donate from everywhere.

Bloomberg logo

Bloomberg is an information agency that promptly provides the most current and up-to-date financial information on stock markets, stock prices, analytics and other information about the state of the modern financial market. This is one of the largest financial and economic news agencies in the world, providing the summaries that both individual businessmen and entire companies need.

In addition to the Ruby on Rails framework, ASP.NET, Express, PHP are used. In Bloomberg’s tech stack there are over 12 libraries, including jQuery, RESPOND, Backbone.js, and others. 

GitHub logo svg

GitHub is a web service that hosts billions of code lines, and every day, millions of programmers from around the world come together to jointly develop open source IT projects. Any developer uses GitHub or other tools based on Git almost every day. This platform is built completely in Ruby on Rails and for front-ent Backbone.JS is used.

In short, it is a platform for software developers based on the Git version control system. Version control systems allow developers to save all changes made to the code. 

More than 40 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 100 million projects.

SlideShare logo

SlideShare (or officially, LinkedIn SlideShare) helps users to upload presentations files in various formats like PowerPoint, PDF or Keynote. These slides can be seen on the website itself, on mobile devices or, alternatively, users can embed them on other websites. If your P is for presentation, then your S is, more likely, for SlideShare. And this statement screams nothing but pure numbers: with over 18 million uploads in 40 content categories, SlideShare is one of the top 100 most-visited websites in the world!

Xing logo

XING is one of the great ruby on rails website examples. Xing was founded in August 2003 and this is the third professional network in the world by number of users. German project, of the 12 million users, half live in German-speaking countries – Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

The audience at Xing is mostly European. It is suitable for networking for those who know German, there are most such users here. Xing allows you to work with CVs, search for employers, partners, find or post professional advice or other content.

Xing is mostly written in Ruby on Rails but has an additional rich tech stack of PHP, Perl, Redis, React, and Java. 

Twitch logo

Twitch is a live streaming video platform owned by Twitch Interactive, a subordinate of Introduced to the general public in 2011, Twitch primarily pays particular attention to video gaming, including playthroughs, broadcasts of eSports competitions, creative content, and even music broadcasts. Users can watch the content live or via video on demand. And if you think gaming is for kids, well, think again – with a monthly audience of 100 million visitors, the game became more than serious. Ruby on Rails comes in handy when it comes to large numbers of visitors, making Twitch a part of our top ruby on rails website examples list. 

Hulu logo green

Netflix’s closest competitor and one of the most popular streaming services in the world with over 30 million subscribers. The service offers hundreds of films, TV shows, TV shows, and other projects from leading manufacturers such as NBC, Fox, ABC, TBS, and many other studios and television channels.

Hulu has been built with Ruby on Rails since the beginning and now they use it mostly for the back-end.

Basecamp logo

We continue our list of best ruby on rails website examples with Basecamp – a recognized web-based project management tool built with Ruby and launched in 2004. It is a place online, where people working on a project can organize and discuss things related to their task. According to Basecamp’s statistics, more that 100.000 companies have adopted BaseCamp – it’s just impressive, to say the least. As we already stated, the Ruby on Rails framework was derived from the initial Basecamp project, so we can easily call it a forerunner for future RoR’s global expansion. Great work, David Heinemeier Hansson!

Dribbble logo

Our list of great ruby on rails website examples would be incomplete if we don’t mention Dribble. Dribbble is an online service that brings together graphic, web designers, illustrators, 3D visualizers. On it, the authors post their work, evaluate and comment on the projects of other community members. The main feature of Dribbble is the publication of a small fragment of its project at the development stage or in its final form, in the community this is called a shot. Dribbble is primarily a community. Designers share experiences, get inspired and seek ideas.

Crunchbase logo

CrunchBase is one of the largest databases of startups and companies, investors and market leaders. Initially focused on creating a startup database, the site now contains information about a lot of private and public companies.

Zendesk logo

Zendesk is a web service with a bunch of applications to support customers and visitors. It helps employees, managers, and administrators help customers on the go. Customer support is a time-consuming process that does not stop even for a second and Zendesk was invented to solve this issue. Zendesk has more than 6000 paid accounts and annual revenue grows to $816M in 2019. Because of all this Zendesk definitely deserves a place among top ruby on rails website examples!


Couchsurfing is the largest international community of travelers, bringing together people whose common goal is to “exchange hospitality” around the world. The platform’s backend  was built with on Rails. 

The essence of this community can be conveyed with the phrase, which is the motto of couchsurfing: “friends you haven’t met yet”. It was founded in 2003 in the USA. This is one of the largest independent traveler communities. It unites more than 12 million people in 200 000 cities around the world. is a global social network where people anonymously ask questions to each other. This service was launched in June 2010. The site was created as a competitor to Formspring. After registration, the user fills out his questionnaire and can start, both on his own behalf and anonymously ask and answer questions from other users. ASKfm is integrated with other social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte and Tumblr, which have influenced the wide distribution of this network. is not a pure ruby on rails website example since it also includes PhP, jQuery, Ajax, Java.

Etsy logo

Etsy is an ecommerce platform that allows people from all over the world to sell their goods online. This platform allows people to earn money on their hobbies. The entire range of products on Etsy is hand-made. Designers, artists, photographers, writers, knittesr, soap makers or just a person who likes to invent, create and handcraft something in their free time.

Ruby on Rails framework allowed Etsy maintain a reliable database, easily implement additional functions and carry out system integration.

Fiverr logo

Fiverr is an international freelance exchange, founded in 2010, which allows people to remotely earn money on their unique abilities and skills. Users can derive income from various fields of activity – copywriting, UX/UI services, frontend/backend development services, training, etc. A distinctive feature of the service is the pricing policy of services – the minimum cost of completing an order, referred to as the “gig” platform, is $ 5. However, freelancers can offer their services at a higher price, earning on one order many times more money with the help of upsells (“extra gigs”) – additional work that accompanies the main service.

Ruby on Rails and it’s combination with other technologies like React, jQuery, Python, helps to cope with high load and traffic and allows Fiverr to take a place among best ruby on rails website examples. 

Pitchfork logo

A Chicago-based mecca for devoted music lovers, this website was built with Ruby and has its primary focus on indie artists or bands. But not only – it covers well-known pop stars as well. They also organize the annual summer music festival with the same name. Pitchfork is seen as a place where you can find new uncommercialized music, check out various best-ofs and be aware of the latest trends in music. By visiting Pitchfork, you nurture your “before-it-was-cool” attitude: “type-a-band’s-name-here” is new? I listened to their stuff 3 years ago on Pitchfork”.

Groupon logo

Collective discount service, where daily discounts of up to 90% from beauty salons, restaurants, medical and fitness centers, shoe stores, clothing and accessories, educational centers, travel agencies, etc.

The service was developed in 2008 and now the number of active subscribers around the world has reached more than 48 million. The initial version of the platform was entirely based on Ruby on Rails. However, a few years ago, they moved to Node.JS but they still use some of Ruby on Rails elements on their platform which gives enough reasons to include it ihe top ruby on rails website examples.

Scribd logo

Scribd is an online cloud-based document storage service. The platform has more than 1M subscribers, 100M unique visitors per month and more than 60M documents shared. This is, in fact, a full-fledged social network, the active users of which have a clearly distinguishable personality, and they have not only a sufficient number of tools for communication, but also the culture of this communication sewn directly into the interface.

In addition to Ruby on Rails, which is used as the main framework, there is support for React and Backbone.js.

Bottom Line

As you can see the number of great ruby on rails website examples is not low. Many world-known companies from different industries – including ecommerce, travel, ad websites, saas services, crowdfunding, and news portals – choose Ruby on Rails because:

  • Faster development saves time and money, and this is important for building MVP. Ruby has better time-to-market indicators. That is one of the reasons why Ruby on Rails is so popular among startups. Thanks to this, more money can be invested in the development of additional functionality, in marketing, etc.
  • Creating and scaling Ruby on Rails projects is relatively easy and cheap, it is also a great option for creating backend tools.
  • Frequent updates and brilliant new solutions created by huge developers community guarantee faster and easier development of applications using this framework.
  • Ruby on Rails allows you to write beautiful and readable code. This is facilitated by a well-selected set of best approaches in terms of code implementation and testing. Such code will simply be understood and maintained, as well as improved while maintaining the stability and performance of the entire solution as a whole.

The top ruby on rails website examples is made by SumatoSoft

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