How much Does It Cost to Hire Angular Developers in 2024


The world of software engineers is an increasingly competitive one. It’s no longer enough just to have a hire developers for your startup on your team. You need everyone on the team to perform at peak efficiency and effectiveness all the time. 

As a business owner or hiring manager, you might feel like there aren’t enough top Angular developers – and that’s true. Although on GitHub alone, there are 2.4 million angular developers, hiring a top-notch angular developer is still a challenging task.

The good news is that we have written a detailed guide on how to hire Angular developers for for in-house development and for outsourcing custom software development. You will also find an analysis of the software outsourcing rates on 7 freelance platforms and an analysis of salaries in 14 different regions. 

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      Get to Know About Angular Development

      We must first comprehend the distinction between Angular framework and AngularJS framework. Angular and AngularJS are two different frameworks developed by Google. The chief difference between Angular and AngularJS is that the former uses TypeScript, whereas the latter uses regular JavaScript.

      Another difference between them is the way they are used in development. Angular is mostly used for developing web applications whereas AngularJS can be used to develop a dynamic website, single-page applications, or even mobile applications.

      Newer versions of Angular are mostly used in projects currently in development, whereas AngularJS is still used in legacy systems. Even though they are similar in functionality, they have slight differences in syntax and approach—which we’ll get into just a bit later.

      Netscape developed JavaScript so that it could be used in web browsers. Website functionality is improved by programmers using JavaScript. When client-side scripting is employed, the user’s computer executes the code rather than the web server.

      The first iteration of Angular was released in October 2014 at the ng-Europe conference, and in May 2016, a major update became available. With Angular, client-side web apps can be created by combining TypeScript and HTML. It serves as the starting point for making single-page apps (SPAs).

      People often ask, “Why should we choose Angular over AngularJS?” Angular and AngularJS both come with various benefits. Google maintains both frameworks perfectly, so it holds extensive community support. Most people prefer Angular as it develops dynamic apps for both mobile and web and builds single-page apps using HTML and TypeScript.

      One of the Angular examples also happens to be one of the most popular websites on the planet, Forbes. It uses Angular 5 and replies to more than 74 million US consumers’ requests each month. It addresses a range of subjects and shows how digital versions may be almost as storied as a magazine’s first issue.

      Forbes functions smoothly everywhere and looks good too. The Forbes author pages built using Angular demonstrate the advantages of choosing this framework as one of the main tools for your project.

      The Principle of “Write once, use everywhere” The Forbes website functions effectively on any platform, OS, or browser thanks to the reusable codebase. There is also a continuous, rich experience here. As readers navigate and spend as much time browsing the website as they like, engaging articles naturally surface on the screen. Support and upkeep are straightforward: The Forbes website develops and becomes better as the framework progresses.

      Now we are aware of the difference between Angular and AngularJS and also a real life example of Angular website. Since Angular is a more popular framework with 2.4 million users on GitHub vs 130k users of AngularJS, we’ll be speaking about Angular developers further in the article.  

      Angular Developer Essential Skills

      If you want to hire an Angular developer, there are certain technical and non-technical skills to look for in the candidate. We have narrowed it down to just a few skills that are essential to your target job. To get an overview on what questions you should ask on the interview, watch the video below.

      Angular Developer Technical Skills

      Let’s consider the skillset of a senior-level Angular developer on Upwork.

      source: Upwork

      We see that the skillset should include such skill categories as: 

      • Front-end
      • Back-end
      • Databases
      • General practices in software development 
      • Other skills (like Azure, Chrome dev tools, Slack API, and other APIs that may be necessary for your project) 

      Angular Developer Non-Technical Skills

      Non-technical skills vary for in-house developers and freelancers. Effective communication and adherence to deadlines are the only skills you should look for in freelancers. For in-house developers, non-technical skills are follow: 

      • Interpersonal skills
      • Adaptability
      • Business acumen
      • Networking
      • Enthusiasm for work and learning.

      What Angular Developers Do

      An Angular developer is a front-end type of software developer that builds websites with the popular JavaScript framework. An Angular developer is a programmer who specializes in developing applications using Angular and its related tools and libraries. These professionals are in charge of creating code libraries, templates, and other assets that other developers will use when building websites or apps using the Angular framework. 

      Web apps

      Angular framework is designed to build cross-platform web applications. 

      Mobile apps

      While the Angular framework is usually used to develop web applications for browsers, it could be combined with NativeScript for classic mobile app development if the project needs such a solution. 


      Developers can make interactive UI/UX designs thanks to the Angular two-way binding option. So, UI/UX can be helpful in their job.


      CMs (configuration management) are usually used in combination with a client-side framework, and Angular is no exception. CMs are used to automate processes like testing, packaging, deployments, and versioning. 

      Angular migration

      It’s critical to understand how to migrate across Angular versions if you work in a setting where more than one version of the framework is being utilized, such as a project or an organization with several teams.

      Angular maintenance support

      An Angular developer must be familiar with the current codebase. If the developer doesn’t fully grasp how the code functions, even a seemingly small modification, like altering a CSS rule or integrating a module, might have more significant repercussions.

      Custom plugin development

      Custom plugin development refers to the process of creating modules or plugins that extend the functionality of a framework. You may create a plugin to extend the program’s capabilities. The creation of unique plugins is frequently accomplished using the Angular built-in features. An Angular developer can create a unique plugin that can be used by other Angular applications.

      Things that Determine The Cost of Hiring Angular Developers

      The price of a particular developer has a big impact on how much time and money are spent on projects in the field of software development. However, it’s more difficult than it seems to estimate the precise cost of hiring engineers. It’s not just about assigning a fixed rate to every role or tracking their expenses in real-time. You also need to take into account various factors that may impact their salaries, like location, certification levels, experience, and so on. Let’s look at all these elements that influence developers’ costs.


      This may seem like a no-brainer but it has a significant influence on how much you have to pay for their service—especially when working with remote teams. The location or country where the employee resides has an effect on how much their service costs. Because of this, remote employees who reside in lower cost of living nations might charge less than an internal developer who works in a region with a higher rate of living. Additionally, developers are in high demand in some areas, which raises their wages. 

      The most costly locations to recruit developers are Seattle, New York, and Silicon Valley. Meanwhile, there are plenty of locations in Eastern Europe, Asia, and South America where developers charge much lower rates. We built an overview of all locations and the costs of hiring developers from them. 


      The degree of experience is a key factor in determining how much developers charge. Because they lack the necessary experience to demonstrate their worth, developers who are just starting out in their careers will be paid far less than more seasoned professionals. The price of onboarding new developers is also influenced by the amount of competence.

      This is because a business that hires new developers might have to spend money on training to enable them to get the expertise required to perform their duties to a high standard. If a company wants to implement a low-cost hiring strategy that involves hiring less experienced developers, they may have to factor in higher costs to train them, versus hiring more experienced developers who require less training.

      Junior Angular Developer

      If your organization is trying to hire angular developers of junior level, you don’t need to prepare a high budget for their salary. Even though they might not have much knowledge with the framework and other related technologies you might need, junior Angular engineers are keen to learn and will work under supervision. They are an excellent choice for entry-level employment because their rates will probably be lower than those of mid-senior and senior developers.

      Mid Angular Developer

      You should probably keep your budget for mid Angular engineers at a level that is pleasant enough to compensate them for their labor but not so high that you run the danger of driving them away. Most mid-senior developers have worked in a variety of situations and have a wealth of experience with a wide range of development technologies. The type of job you can assign them and the level of required supervision will probably be areas where you have a lot of flexibility. However, it’s more challenging to hire angulard developers of middle level than ones of junior. 

      Senior Angular Developer

      Senior Angular developers have probably worked for a number of businesses and have a lot of experience with the framework. Your budget will probably need to be adjusted to account for their rates and readiness to work in different settings. Senior Angular developers frequently consider where and what they work on. If they are evaluating alternative job opportunities, you should provide them a compelling reason to choose working with you instead. A recruiter’ll require patience and time to hire angular developers of senior level. 

      Popular Engagement Models

      Short-Term Project

      Depending on the field, some freelance developers may charge a higher rate than others. This can occur because the market needs their skill set. For instance, there are several independent developers that focus on creating mobile apps. Due to the high demand for their services, and short duration project (from several hours to 1-2 weeks), they may charge a higher rate than other cooperation models.

      Long-Term Cooporation

      Employers may choose to hire angular developers as full-time employees rather than outsource work to freelancers. Doing so may reduce the cost of employing developers. This happens because the HR (Human Resource) team can offer a lower salary to internal employees than a rate developers charge freelancers. But, it’s important to note that internal employees may charge a higher rate if they’re working in a location with a high cost of living. In addition, they may have higher expenses due to things like healthcare benefits, equipment, and other perks.

      Staff Augmentation Position

      Staff augmentation is the process by which an organization brings in an external team to work on certain projects. For tasks like system upkeep, testing, and other tasks, a business may decide to engage a staff on a full- or part-time basis. 

      Compared to the rate of hiring freelancer for short-term cooperation, staff augmentation is a lot more affordable, and it is still more expensive compared to in-house cooperation. If you’re on a project for more than a year but don’t want to invest in an in-house developer, you should consider hiring staff augmentation. 

      The Price of Hiring In-House Angular Developers

      The price to hire an Angular developer may vary by geography, as we have already stated. We can observe that US states have the biggest Angular developer rate because of the high cost of living there. However, you can see that India has the lowest cost of hiring an angular developer on the list.

      To be more detail, you can check our complete list down below.

      CityYearly PayHourly Wage
      New York$106,708$51.30

      The Cost of Hiring Angular Developers as Freelancers

      If you believe that your project can be completed remotely and that you shouldn’t need an Angular developer to work in your office, you should consider an option to hire angular developers as a freelancer.

      You can check the complete list below for more detail.

      PlatformHourly Rate (Junior)Hourly Rate (Middle)Hourly Rate (Senior)
      Hire Remotely$25$55$95

      On the internet, there are several resources you may utilize to locate a top Angular developer. Each freelancer’s rate was based on their level of expertise and skill. If you need to hire Angular developers but have a limited budget, you could search for freelancers on Fiverr or Brybe. On some sites, the software developer hourly rate is merely $10.

      However, you can find a reasonable pricing at Upwork or PeoplePerHour if you believe your project is too difficult for a young developer and are ready to pay more.

      Why Hire Angular Developers From SumatoSoft

      SumatoSoft is a reliable outsourcing software company. We work with all outsourcing types and with all engagement models

      Speaking about staff augmentation, we have a ready-to-go and custom-hired team of software engineers, Angular developers,  Scrum Masters, Designers, and QA specialists that are ready to extend the capacity of any team. 

      Speaking about full-cycle custom software development, we can say that every project we undertake starts with nuanced business analysis. We have a portfolio with more than 150 successful projects in various industries like eCommerce, Elearning, Finance, Real Estate, Transport, Travel, and more.  

      • Ruby on Rails development is our key expert area. 
      • 10 years on the market of software development. 
      • We work honestly and openly for fair rates
      • No communication barrier, since all specialists speak English well.
      • 150+ custom software solutions.
      • 27 countries we worked with.

      Contact us to get a free quote!  


      You can more effectively create budgets and predict project deadlines if you have a good awareness of the variables that affect the cost of development. It’s possible to hire angular developers both for $10 per hour and for almost $100 per hour.


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