Elena Safonova (Head of QA)

Elena Safonova

Head of QA
Elena Safonova works as a Unit Coordinator and a Head of QA competency in SumatoSoft. With 10 years of experience in quality assurance, Elena became the lifeblood of one of the two units in the company. She handles a bunch of responsibilities like keeping high financial indicators of the unit, introducing high-quality standards, facilitating employee growth, making adjustments and improvements to testing processes, still having enough time to help the team members to unleash their potential. Under her leadership, the unit grew by 30%, while employee satisfaction rose even more.

Posts by Elena Safonova

Performance on the stage

Performance Testing Essentials: Types, Tools, Metrics and Best Practices for Optimal Outcomes

Elena Safonova (Head of QA)
Elena Safonova 22 mins | May 26, 2022
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