15 Best Offshore Software Development Companies

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Nowadays, every single business is tied to the use of technology in one way or another. Some only need limited resources, like a website. Others need complete applications that are very difficult to create. Regardless of the case, most companies do not have the necessary talent pool to make the software they need. This is where the best offshore software development companies can help. 

According to grand view research, a research and consulting company, it’s expected that the global business software and service market will grow annually at an 11.7% rate starting from 2022. One of the factors that will lead to the growth is enterprises that build the software that automates business processes. This software development trend  is true in most industries around the world. We can clearly see this growth by looking at how many custom software developers exist right now. In 2019, the number of software developers was 26.4 million. By the end of 2024, it is expected that this number will grow up to 28.7 million. The market is definitely extensive, with global revenue of 209.4 billion USD for the enterprise software section alone. 

Fortunately, there are many software development companies you can work with, regardless of the applications you need delivered. Unfortunately, searching for the best offshore software development company can be a little difficult if you do not know what to look out for. This is why, before we talk about the best options available on the market, we should discuss some important facts so that you can better understand the topic. If you need to improve the efficiency of your business, software development is definitely the solution. Learn more about the best companies and the process itself below. 

What Is An Offshore Software Development Company?

The search for the best offshore software development company starts with understanding of what it is. To put it as simple as possible, offshore software development means a company is hiring another company to create software for them. Basically, a company can get help from a dedicated development team that is hired by someone else. 

As an example, McDonald’s is a fast-food restaurant chain. Its employees focus on that. Since we live in modern times, McDonald’s needs to offer an app for delivery that could be used by people who want to order online. Obviously, McDonald’s does not have the experience or the talent pool to handle that. The company then hired the offshore software development company to create the app needed. 

No matter what software or application a company needs, a third-party software development firm can create that. The term “offshore” means the company that does the work can be based in any country worldwide. We conducted research on the most popular project outsourcing regions and found out that the geographical regions with the biggest number of software developer providers are North America, India, Poland, and Ukraine. There are also several regions with lower competition like Italy or Bulgaria. They also have service providers starting from SEO companies and marketing agencies to full-cycle software development companies. 

What Is Custom Software Development?

Custom software development refers to building, designing, scaling, integrating, and upgrading software to address the client’s specific business needs. This process goes through various stages until the final version is ready. A good practice among best offshore software development companies is the client involvement at every point of the process. 

It needs to be added that the custom software provider does not just create the software or the application the client needs. It can also offer several related extra services like application management, future upgrades, and education courses that help staff members to learn how to use the custom software created. 

Why Use Custom Software Development?

This widespread question appears much more often than we might think. The truth is that every single business needs to use several applications and software to do their work and attract new customers. In fact, more and more customers every day want to see the companies they buy from invest in technology, apps, software, and more. 

The only option available was hiring professionals to create apps and software for you in the past. Nowadays, this is no longer a necessity. Using custom software development companies offers some clear advantages, like:

Better Personalization

Custom software allows you to get all the features you need. This isn’t easy to achieve with open-source and developing an in-house development team. The best offshore software development company always personalizes the end product to deliver everything the client needs. 

For instance, when you use Microsoft Word in your business, you get everything the program has to offer. Most of the tools and features available will never actually be used. 

On the contrary, there is custom software development that is focused on meeting the particular needs of your business. Here comes one more sign of how to distinguish the best offshore software development companies: you build the software that has only the features you need instead of providing a bunch of tools for any imaginable case. 

On-Demand Updates

Working with offshore software development companies does not stop with the creation of the app or the software. Updates are always needed to help the developer by offering on-demand services at much lower prices than hiring tech specialists to deal with future needs. 

Fast Management

As already mentioned, most companies do not have the tech knowledge needed to develop or even run software and apps. Custom offshore software development companies step in to help by focusing solely on the needs of the business. On-demand assistance is available whenever needed. If there is a problem, the development firm takes care of it. If new features are required, they can be created. 

Which Country Is The Most Advanced In Software Technology?

China is the largest software development market in the world, with revenues of over $1.2 trillion generated in 2020. Every single year, the country sees a growth rate of around 16%, and custom software development companies in China employ over 7 million software engineers

While China is the country with the most advanced software development market, It does not mean that software created in other countries would not be beneficial. There are special rating platforms like Clutch, GoodFirms, or TechReviewer that list the best offshore software development companies in practically every country. Choosing the best one depends on your unique needs. 

How Much Does It Cost To Create Custom Software?

As expected, prices wildly vary from one project to the next. The project price depends on 3 major factors: software provider location, developers expertise, and length of the project. The second and third factors are hard to formalize in any table, but we can do it with the first factor. And we did it in our overview of software outsourcing rates! We sorted geographical regions according to rates of 10+ specialists involved in the development. By comparing the hourly rates it’s possible to get an overall picture of software development prices across the world. 

However, we suggest our clients to get in touch with us and get the initial analysis of the project and its estimation absolutely for free. 

Generic Software Versus Tailor-Made Software

Generic software is basically a product created for many consumers. The goal of the development team is to create something that would meet general requirements. With tailor-made software, which is basically the same thing as custom software, the application or the software developed is built with just one client in mind. Their specific needs are considered. 

For instance, Microsoft Word is generic software. A university student portal is tailor-made, custom software. 

How Long Does It Take For Custom Software To Be Created?

Statistics show us that the average development period is 4.5 months. The most significant factor that impacts how long the project takes is the complexity of the software needed. However, several other things can dictate duration, like the company you hire, your budget, and how many software engineers work on the software.

According to research carried out by Goodfirms:

  • Most software development companies have an average developing period of four to six months – 61.60%
  • The number of custom software development companies that finish projects in two to four months on average is 38.50%. 

Top 15 Best Offshore Software Development Companies

1. SumatoSoft

simatosoft logo

SumatoSoft instantly stands out among other companies because it manages to become a technological partner to its clients. The SumatoSoft developers have 10 years of experience in modern solutions like blockchain,Software-as-a-Service, or the internet of things development. The company provide the following services:

Just look at the impressive portfolio put together and get in touch for a complete custom solution to your IT problems. SumatoSoft has handled projects in eCommerce, eLearning, financial, marketing automation, entertainment, media, real estate, hospitality, travel, automation, and transport industries. This includes everything imaginable, from software development for Toyota to fitness tracking systems and custom shopping applications. 

Foundation year: 2012

Location: US, Central and Eastern Europe, Asia

Price: $50 – $99 per hour


  • 10 years of experience in 10+ domains
  • Transparent communication that is to build long-term cooperation
  • Great software quality thanks to 70% of senior engineers 
  • 98% satisfaction rate of clients
  •  Американский менталитет. готовность подсказывать клиенту.
  • Каналы коммуникации: звонки, письма, slack, как правило besta practice 2 раза в неделю. 
  • Как будет показываться прогресс 
  • Как будет виден результат работы 
  • Регулярно показываем результаты, проводим demo, заливаем на staging. 

Clutch rating: 4.8

Ready to start: Within 1 week

2. Dev.PRO

dev.pro logo

Dev.Pro prides itself on helping innovative tech companies amplify all their growth ambitions. The company is on the list of the best offshore software development companies options thanks to it being able to manage any type of project, which led to accomplishments like:

  • Employing over 800 skilled specialists
  • A 90% referral and repeat business rate
  • 10 years of being on the market
  • Over 160 projects delivered

 Dev.Pro offers:

  • Team Extention
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Project Execution
  • Software Engineering
  • UI/UX Design
  • Quality Testing
  • Quality Assurance
  • DevOps
  • Cloud Services
  • And More

Foundation year: 2011

Location: US, Central Europe, 

Price: $50 – $99 per hour


  • Working with several programming languages
  • A huge team of specialists
  • High business experience

Clutch rating: 4.9

Ready to start: Within 1 month

3. Admios

admios logo

With an experience of 15 years in the industry, Admios is a highly reputable nearshore software development company giving you access to a highly skilled team of specialists ready to deal with any strategic software requirement. The developer has been working with large enterprise companies and startups alike and stands out because it is made out of a team of Latin American professionals. 

Foundation year: 2005

Location: Latin America, 

Price: $55+ per hour


  • Huge experience on the market
  • Matching programmers with projects for perfect matches
  • Latin American professionals

Clutch rating: 4.8

Ready to start: No info available

4. Kanda Software

kanda logo

Kanda Software has an industry experience of 27 years, during which it has been developing, designing, supporting, and deploying stellar software solutions. The company currently handles projects in:

  • Software Development
  • DevOps
  • QA
  • Cloud Engineering

Kanda Software services both large enterprises and startups. The company is listed as being the thirteenth fastest growing company in its field by the Inc. 500. 

Foundation year: 1993

Location: US

Price: $50 – $99 per hour


  • Huge experience on the market
  • Clear specialization in 4 project types
  • Worked with several Inc. 500 companies
  • Mainly focused on custom software development

Clutch rating: 4.9

Ready to start: No info available

5. Simform

simform logo

Simform was founded in 2010 and worked with all types of companies needing offshore software development, from NGOs to Fortune 500 firms. Companies are helped through the work of on-demand software development teams. Simform prides itself on helping clients with the creation of a team that works with them to decide the correct processes and architecture needed to meet all business goals. 

Foundation year: 2010

Location: US, Asia

Price: $25 – $49 per hour


  • Over 10 years market experience
  • High experience with companies of all sizes
  • Worked with several large firms, including Sony, Red Bull, and PepsiCo

Clutch rating: 4.9

Ready to start: Within 2-3 weeks


eleks logo

Eleks deserved to be on the list of best offshore software development companies due to the work it managed to do in the past for its clients. ELEKS employs over 2000 skilled professionals and has staff in three continents. 

ELEKS gives clients access to services like:

  • DevOps
  • Custom Software Development
  • Application Development
  • Blockchain Solutions
  • PoC Development
  • Smart Teams
  • Capacity Services
  • Cyber Security Services

ELEKS has been servicing companies since 1991 and has managed to deliver over 650 end-to-end projects. 

Foundation year: 1991

Location: Eastern Europe, US, Canada

Price: $30 – $49 per hour


  • Numerous complex projects handled
  • Employs over 2000 skilled professionals
  • Staff available in 3 continents

Clutch rating: 4.8

Ready to start: Within 2-3 weeks

7. Merixstudio

merixstudio logo

Merixstudio employs over 250 experts capable of creating highly complex digital products. Clients worldwide are serviced, with the main focus of the business being performant cross-platform applications and web applications. 

You can look for Merixstudio when you need services that employ:

  • JavaScript (Node.js, React, Angular)
  • Python (Flask, Django)
  • Cross-Platform Frameworks (Flutter, React Native)

Support is always offered for all serviced clients during the project’s entire lifecycle. Some of the global companies serviced are Volkswagen, GS1, and Toshiba. 

Foundation year: 1999

Location: Europe

Price: $50 – $99 per hour


  • Worked with several large clients in the past
  • Worldwide services offered
  • Full service included in the package, with ongoing support available

Clutch rating: 4.8

Ready to start: Within 1 week

8. Itransition

itransition logo

Itransition helps any client that needs offshore software development, including startups, medium-sized companies, and large enterprises. Every part of the project is handled, from modeling to process inquiry and systems engineering. Itransition offers:

  • EDM
  • ERP
  • ECM
  • CRM
  • Custom Apps

Scalable backends can be implemented with content personalization, social features, and user segmentation. Then, extras can be added, like customer engagement analytics. 

Foundation year: 1998

Location: Eastern Europe, US

Price: $30 – $49 per hour


  • Main headquarters in the US
  • Full project support, customization, and development
  • Experience in several service types

Clutch rating: 4.9

Ready to start: Within 1 week

9. Boldare

boldare logo

Boldare has been around for 17 years and is specialized in agile-powered projects. Clients are helped during every single stage of development, ranging from brainstorming ideas for a prototype to testing the final product and scaling. Support is offered in German and English, and it should be highlighted that the philosophy of Boldare is to deliver only products capable of offering real value to users and companies. 

Three teams will work on every single project at different stages of the building process. 

Foundation year: 2015

Location: US, Europe

Price: $50 – $99 per hour


  • Several employees
  • Over $10,000 in handled projects
  • Experience in several domains

Clutch rating: 4.7

Ready to start: Within 1 week

10. Cogniteq

cogniteq logo

Cogniteq has been in talks as potentially one of the best offshore software development companies since its launch in 2005. The company employs over 90 software engineers and helped enterprises and small businesses in the US, Europe, Asia, and Canada. This includes services like:

  • Web development
  • Mobile development
  • UI/UX design
  • Enterprise software development
  • Dedicated development center
  • Quality assurance

Cogniteq has extensive experience in AR software, VR software, IoT product development, video broadcasting, eLearning apps, and more. Thanks to its work, it has been recognized by Goodfirms as the best Lithuania software development company and is seen as one of the top IoT development companies by The Manifest and Clutch. 

Foundation year: 2005

Location: Eastern Europe, US

Price: $30 – $49 per hour


  • High experience with much-needed AR and VR software
  • Affordable services for complexity
  • Experience of over 10 years

Clutch rating: 4.8

Ready to start: Within 1 week

11. A3logics

a3logics logo

A3logics is a software and mobile development company with a committed talent pool and activity in the global IT scene. It delivers several services like:

A3logics has been creating software for clients in eCommerce, Healthcare, IT consulting, Big data, and more. 

Foundation year: 2003

Location: US, Asia

Price: $20 – $29 per hour


  • Main offices in US
  • Highly affordable prices
  • Hundreds of available software engineers
  • Experience in countless industries

Clutch rating: 4.9

Ready to start: Within 2-3 weeks

12. Light IT

light it logo

The software developer has an experience of over 15 years and expanded from a tiny team to more than 150 workers and over 400 projects delivered. Light IT serviced customers in 27 countries, covering expertise in PHP frameworks, Deep Learning, Blockchain, Cloud Solutions, Big Data, IoT, VR, and AR. 

One of the company’s main focuses in every project is to go over the technical challenges and create something that is truly efficient for the client. Different unique features were designed per the clients’ requests, and the same approach was offered to all new customers. 

Foundation year: 2006

Location: Eastern Europe, US

Price: $50 – $99 per hour


  • Main offices in US
  • Fast project delivery
  • Serviced clients in numerous countries

Clutch rating: 5

Ready to start: Within 1 week

13. Huboxt

huboxt logo

Huboxt offers quality custom software development through both mobile and web applications. Their approach is always personalized, the management team is strong, and deadlines are always respected. Huboxt offers several services, like:

  • UI/UX Design
  • Mobile Development
  • Web Development
  • Product Development
  • Custom Software Development
  • Engineering
  • Database Architecture
  • DevOps
  • Cloud Technology

The company delivers programs created in Node.js, PHP, .NET Core, React Native, React, Flutter, and Angular. 

Foundation year: 2019

Location: Eastern Europe, US

Price: $30 – $49 per hour


  • Highly experienced in several programming languages
  • Very experienced project management team
  • Over 50 years of experience for the team that works on your projec

Clutch rating: 4.9

Ready to start: Within 1 week

14. Maruti Techlabs

maruti technolabs logo

Maruti Techlabs offers digitalized product development for enterprises and small businesses. The process starts with ideas from clients, and the employees take that to the reality phase. The company is powered by agile and has an experience of over 12 years. 

Maruti Techlabs prides itself on establishing long-term relationships with their clients. It uses only the best practices and processes so that sustainability becomes a reality and digital transformation a success. 

Foundation year: 2009

Location: Asia

Price: $25 – $49 per hour


  • High experience with artificial intelligence
  • High market experience
  • Long-term relationships with clients

Clutch rating: 4.8

Ready to start: No available information

15. iTechArt Group

itechart logo

ItechArt appeared in 2002 and is now recognized as one of the world’s best offshore software development companies. It helped over 500 startups, and 90% of them now use cutting-edge technology. The specialists employed have huge experience in mobile, cloud, web, DevOps, and even emerging technologies. There are over 3,500 developers who are ready to handle projects both small and large. 

iTechArt Group is based in New York and has over twenty offices worldwide. It is actually associated with projects done for Microsoft, Google, AWS, and several other top worldwide companies.

Foundation year: 2002

Location: Easter Europe, US

Price: $50 – $99 per hour


  • Based in the US
  • Over 1000 employees
  • Worked with several startups and small businesses
  • Fast project development

Clutch rating: 4.9

Ready to start: Within 1 week


Looking for the best offshore software development company can seem a daunting task. There are countless service providers you can get in touch with and, at the end of the day, the best one for one firm is not the same one for another. 

Do you want to work with the best offshore software development company? We invite you to take a look at our portfolio and get in touch with us to get a free project estimation. We are confident we can deliver precisely what you need. 

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